Monday, April 28, 2008

Arief Yusmita ( Indonesia)

Arief Yusmita, Starting from following a competition Idioms Malays as Batam City Junior High School level in 2004. Arief Yusmita began his career in the entertainment world. Although slowly, the boy who was born on 27 December 1989 was to build a career and a balanced education. Born from a simple family, His father was a Minang who came from a town in Pasaman, West Sumatra, precisely in Lubuk Sikaping. While her mother is English, Mandahiling, Javanese, and Minang descent. As for his own Arief was born in the city of Padang, West Sumatra.
After the success of a champion to-2 in the Malays Idioms competition, he had not been active for three years, until in early 2007 he started again with a Radio Broadcast in Batam. After being rejected by several radio, he finally hired by a local radio station called Sheila FM to bring a late show at a time when Ramadan fasting. Although only one month, it has become a stepping stone for him to pursue a career. Finally he won the competition in Broadcasting Joke conducted by the Radio and Television Station Lebanon, LBC. And had resigned because of a thing. Furthermore, he had hosted in Tagalog, English and Arabic in Lebanon. The rise of his career, when he followed the model of the world in the arena Coverboy Anekayess! 2009. Although only until the 2nd seed, here he was getting ahead with the following MelodyHits Video Joke 2009 with a 1st Runner Up.
At 20th of his year, he was still busy with college and still run as host of its activities and models.

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